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Foundation membership provides educational and networking opportunities at a substantial discount.  It paves the way to professional development. Membership is available to both individuals and organizations.

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Considering a career in one of the fastest growing Industries? Perhaps
choosing to explore a professional development or career opportunity? Explore the educational programs that the IFPO makes available. Multiple delivery methods that can accommodate your learning requirements. Industry and World Wide recognized.Learn More



Educational Institutions

Whether you have 2, 10 or 100 employees you will find exactly what you are looking for amongst the IFPO educational programs.  These programs can be delivered online or on site in a classroom, or by distance education/correspondence.  Industry and World Wide recognized.

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The IFPO programs can be delivered anywhere from a high school, local community college, vocational center or university. Complete instructional tools available which will include lesson plans, power points, testing plus more. Industry and World Wide recognized.

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IFPO Security Officer/Guard Training and Educational Programs

The International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO) is dedicated to providing meaningful, cost effective education for all levels of security personnel.  Educational institutions as well as individuals have found the IFPO Programs to be a valuable professional development tool.

We believe that education is an essential part of professional development for those charged with protecting others:  The Foundation serves individuals, security service firms, and organizations that have their own security staff. Career orientated officers as well as individuals benefit from the recognition and professional standing that the Foundation certification conveys.

IFPO membership is available for both individuals, employers and educational institutions. We offer a “Members Only” area on this web site with extensive information on key aspects of security training and related topics.

Our security training programs are designed to work on their own or as part of an existing curriculum. Frequently, institutions of higher learning will include our programs in their courses of study.

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