Students: Join ASIS at reduced rate, then register for GSX for FREE

ASIS International is making it easier than ever for professionals of all ages to transition into the security world, providing the information, network, and professional development opportunities they need to kickstart their career.

Students can become members of the world’s leading association of security management professionals for only $20 per year. ASIS members like Ron Martin, CPP, Director, Open Security Exchange, are sponsoring students’ membership costs, to connect them with the education and network that ASIS provides.

“I am proud to have offered to sponsor ASIS membership for all 30 students at the April 2018 International Organization of Black Security Executives conference,” says Martin. “I’ve long believed that it’s the responsibility of veteran security professionals to take the next generation under its wing, and I challenge my associates to join me and do the same.”

To learn more and to register, visit To receive a discount for GSX, use the DISCOUNT PASSCODE - PARTNER2. 

Great news from Ron Martin, CPP!

New this year, student members can receive a full-access registration for Global Security Exchange (GSX), formerly known as the ASIS Annual Seminar and Exhibits, free of charge. Students can attend industry-leading education and events and experience the latest vendor solutions at no cost.

To receive a discount for the GSX, use the DISCOUNT PASSCODE - PARTNER2

They can attend important foundational sessions, like Security Careers: The What and the How and A Framework for Multigenerational Security Organizations. ASIS has also started the work for developing a new early careerist certification envisioned to be the first rung on a security management professional’s career ladder.

Register now for ASIS International’s GSX security event, set for Las Vegas, Sept. 23-27

The ASIS Young Professionals Council is hard at work to ensure that the next generation of leaders is making the most of their involvement with the Society. Each ASIS chapter is encouraged to designate a Young Professionals liaison, who organizes events and advocates for young professionals and the issues that matter to them most.

ASIS Connects, the new members-only online community, provides a global forum for security professionals to network with peers, collaborate to get answers to everyday questions, and leverage the wide range of resources that ASIS membership delivers. In the first four months of ASIS Connects, early careerists have tapped into the global community for advice pursuing an internship and preparing for a security management interview.

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ASIS membership is a career-long connection to the lifeblood of the security profession. Mentors and experts in the field are always within reach. We invite you to join our community and learn how you can help drive the profession forward.

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