IFPO’s Sandi Davies to speak on ‘The Benefits of Certification’ at ASIS Europe 2018

IFPO Executive Director Sandi Davies is in Rotterdam, NL for the annual ASIS Europe conference, titled this year, "From Risk to Resilience."

Sandi will be talking about the importance of achieving certifications in the security industry.

Here is the description of her presentation:

ASIS security certifications set the standard for professional excellence. Recognized worldwide, the CPP, PCI, and PSP credentials provide objective proof of professional knowledge and experience. Get an update of the most recent developments regarding the (concept) ESMP (Emerging Security Management Professional) certification of ASIS. Learn from experienced trainings and HQ staff why ASIS certifications are the top choice for security professionals, how you can distinguish yourself in the labour market and how the IFPO certification programs, such as CPO, can be a great stepping stone towards ASIS security certification.

Some information about ASIS 2018:

Securing today’s connected enterprise is a race across many different terrains where we are often unsure or unaware of what lies ahead and who or where our opponents really are.

As boundaries continue to erode between the physical and cyber worlds, between high and low-tech risks, between the human workforce and artificial intelligence, and as the valuation of digital compared to physical assets undergoes radical shifts, ASIS Europe 2018 tackles the most challenging issues.

Cyber-physical threats in hyper-complex, connected environments are the core themes of the event.

ASIS, as a global community of security practitioners tasked with the protection of assets – people, property, and information – is uniquely positioned to deal with enterprise-wide risks.

If you are responsible for keeping organisations secure, sustainable and resilient, join us in Rotterdam on 18-20 April 2018.

Sandi's bio:

In 1988 she joined the newly formed International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO). In 1991 she was elected executive director and has been a driving force in Foundation program development and administration. Sandi became a member of the ASIS International in 1985 and has served in executive positions at the chapter level. She served as council chairperson for the Security Services Council. Currently she is a member of the Private Security Officer Guidelines and Book Awards Committees. Most recently Ms. Davies was commissioned by Butterworth-Heinemann to produce the first of its kind book entitled: "Women in the Security Profession: A Practical Guide to Career Development" which was released in Spring of 2016.

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