Anime-style security hologram to protect homes and offices in Japan

No doubt there have been things like this in movies and TV and now we have life imitating art. Sure, there is a certain novelty to it, but similar to security robots, there will be glitches and serious short-comings. In the end, nothing can replace a well-trained, well-disciplined security professional. -- IFPO.

By Casey Baseel,

With his strong jawline, well-groomed eyebrows, and snappy uniform, the anime-style security guard you see here looks like he could easily be the star of one of Japan’s dating simulator video games, and in fact he was developed with the help of DeNA, one of Japan’s largest mobile game publishers.

However, the company hasn’t announced the release of any new games with titles such as I Can’t Believe the Security Guard is this Hot or That Time I Committed a Crime so Security Guard-senpai Would Notice Me, and that’s because he’s not here to play with, but because he’s got a job to do.

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The Virtual Security Guard is a multi-company project headed by Secom, Japan’s leading home and office security company, with telecommunications giant Docomo also contributing its know-how. The large mirror display device has a variety of capabilities, starting, of course, with monitoring and surveillance.

In addition to facial and voice recognition software, which allows the Virtual Security Guard to judge whether an individual is authorized to proceed or not, the system can scan a person’s visible belongings for suspicious or prohibited items.

It also reacts to anyone who approaches wearing a helmet or otherwise concealing their face, instructing them to remove the obstruction so that it can get a clear look at who they are.

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