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OBT is ideal for pre-assignment training, new hire orientation or basic training for the security officers already on the job. This course is comprised of Entry Level Security Officer training and additional basic skills. This track covers a diversity of topics in a user-friendly format. The courses are delivered On-line. The topics covered in the OBT Track include: Introduction to Duties and Responsibilities, Professionalism and Ethics, Report Writing, Patrol Techniques, Traffic and Crowd Control, Legal Concepts and First Aid basics.

Prerequisites: Must be at least 18 or enrolled in school and have parental consent if under 18.

Entry Level Protection Officer

  • Duties and Functions of a Protection Officer
  • Public Relations
  • Professionalism and Ethics
  • Patrol Techniques
  • Report Writing
  • Legal Authorities and Responsibilities of a Protection Officer
  • Fire Hazard Detection and Prevention
  • Procedures for Emergency Situations, Safety Issues, and Introduction to First Aid

Legal Concepts

  • Civil and Criminal Law
  • Arrest and Detention
  • Search and Seizure
  • Use of Force
  • Liability
  • Interviews and Interrogations
  • Legal Terminology

Physical Security V: Closed Circuit Television

  • Operation Basics
  • Surveillance Cameras and Lenses
  • Recording Devices and Videotape
  • Monitors and Digital CCTV
  • Transmission Basics
  • Infrared Lighting

Public Events I: Avoiding Disaster

  • Role of Security During Public Events
  • Command and Control
  • Communication Considerations
  • Types of Security Personnel
  • Control Operations

Executive Protection I: Basic Considerations

  • Introduction
  • Basic Considerations
  • Resistance and Attitudes
  • Threats
  • Residential Concerns
  • Vehicle Basics
  • Vehicle Armoring
  • Individual Protective Measures
  • Introduction to Protective Details

Retail Loss Prevention I: Introduction to Profit Protection

  • Civil Recovery
  • Risks and Interaction
  • Six Steps of Probable Cause
  • Legal Basics
  • Prevention Tactics and Techniques

DNA Evidence for the First Responder

  • Securing a Crime Scene
  • Ensuring Evidence Integrity

Officer Basic Training

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