Recertification: Option 2

IFPO Recertification Program - Option 2

This option is for individuals who are re-certifying within the two year time frame but have not met the necessary professional requirements.  Please select one of three training series below.

Series 1: Professional Development Series

Each Professional Development Series package is comprised of four preselected PDPs:

Indigo Plan includes: Interviews & Interrogations, Fire Safety Basics, First Aid, and HAZMAT.
Ivory Plan includes: Interviews & Interrogations, Homeland Security 1, Legal Concepts, and HAZMAT
Ecru Plan includes: Homeland Security 1, Legal Concepts, First Aid, and Fire Safety Basics.
Click here for more information on the PDPs that are offered in each plan.

Enroll into, and complete, one of the following Professional Development Program packages:

(Total Cost: $144.00 + S/H)

Click Here to complete the Recertification Application.

Series 2: Completion of an IFPO Training Partners Program

Proof of completion of any courses from our training partners can be used to complete recertification requirements.Please contact them directly for additional information.

Click Here to complete the Recertification Application.
Click Here to pay recertification fee online. (Please remember to mail your application)

IFPO Training Providers pricing may vary.


Series 3: Retake the CPO Final Challenge Examination (180 Questions)

This option is available one time only, for the purpose of recertification.

Exam: $108.00

Recertification Fee: $36.00

Total Cost: $144.00