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The term "executive protection" has taken on many different meanings in recent years. In the security industry, it has become a key buzz word. Today, almost everyone claims to have some level of executive protection expertise...
This series of IFPO courses defines executive protection as a system of close personal protection, educational programs and contingency planning which is applicable to all types of individuals— not just executives. The material in this course will be of definite value to anyone facing "targeted" violence.

This course consists of 3 learning modules. This series is designed to be integrated with other IFPO training offerings such as the internationally recognized Certified Protection Officer (CPO) course and the Certified Security Supervisor (CSS) program.
IFPO is constantly developing a wide range of distance learning courses directly applicable to today's security practitioner.
Each student will receive a Record of Training at the end of these programs. The student may then purchase an IFPO Certificate of Completion for $10.00 for each individual module, or for $10.00 purchase one certificate upon achieving the complete series.
Basic Considerations


  • Basic Considerations
  • Resistance and Attitudes
  • Threats
  • Residential Concerns
  • Vehicle Basics
  • Vehicle Armoring
  • Individual Protective Measures
  • Introduction to Protective Details
  • Protective Planning

Protective Planning

  • The "Advance"
  • Introduction to International Operations
  • Improvised Explosive Devices
  • Bomb Threats
  • Protective Formations
  • Investigating Stalkers
  • Targeted Violence

Targeted Violence: An Introduction

  • Protective Planning and Techniques
  • Weapons and Equipment
  • Protocol and Professionalism
  • Resources for Advanced Training
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