16 people fatally shot by security officers in first 5 weeks of 2020, privateofficer.org says

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Privateofficer.org and its blog, Privateofficerbreakingnews, provide great statistical information, including security officer deaths and security officer-involved shootings. Below you will find their latest post on shootings and/or deaths that involved security officers in 2020.

The last line is worth repeating here: "However, of the shootings chronicled thus far in 2020, by and large, the security officers were either defending themselves or others against imminent lethal threats and no charges have been filed in the majority of the shootings."

Two points to be made here: Unfortunately, it appears there have been situations where security officers have made poor decisions, resulting in loss of life. And second, at least anecdotally, it seems that now more than ever, security officers are first responders, out on the front lines, dealing with, at times, lethal situations.

The fact remains that there needs to be more stringent screening, training and education. The International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO) offers a wide spectrum of certifications for security professionals, targeting entry-level through management and career stages in between.    -- IFPO.

Charlotte NC February 10 2020 --

During the first five weeks of the 2020-year, private security officers across the country have killed sixteen people and shot twenty-seven others.

Washington DC special police officers returned fire at an apartment complex striking a transgender woman who later died. A firearm was recovered from her but police never determined why she was shooting at the security police officers.

Security officers in New York and Florida fatally shot separate men attacking them on January 3rd and on January 4th, security in Chicago and California were involved in fatal shootings at restaurants.

In January security officers also shot and killed persons in Louisville KY, Detroit and San Juan.

An ATM security officer in St Louis shot a man to death who attempted to rob him, and a security officer killed a man on January 14th while he was under an armed attack.

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During a Superbowl celebration at a nightclub in Kansas City Missouri, a man opened fire in the parking lot shooting several people before a nightclub security officer fatally shot him ending the bloodshed.

Shootings involving private security officers on duty continued on January 23rd, 2020, when a security officer killed an armed man trying to rob a California marijuana store.

During a confrontation with a person who refused to leave an Indianapolis nightclub on January 26th, a security officer returned gunfire killing the man. The security officer was also shot and succumbed to his wounds.

Police say that on February 8th at a Modesto California poker room, a man armed with a bat aggressively confronted a security officer and was shot and killed in the parking lot of the business.

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And on Feb 9th, at a Houston Texas bar, security killed man during a confrontation inside the nightclub. The security officer also shot a second person.

Security officers have also shot thirty-four persons during the same time period.

As of today, police have arrested five security officers involved in the shootings, and several others have been referred to the Grand Jury for possible charges.

However, of the shootings chronicled thus far in 2020, by and large, the security officers were either defending themselves or others against imminent lethal threats and no charges have been filed in the majority of the shootings.

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