BOOST your security career! Become an IFPO Certified Protection Officer Instructor

The Certified Protection Officer Instructor (CPOI) designation provides the holder with an internationally-recognized credential. This is increasingly important in a global economy.

The holder has demonstrated academic knowledge and experience in teaching and security, the process of protection, plus the methods used to impart that knowledge.

Acquiring it gives the holder “a leg up” in hiring, promotion and tenure decisions. It sets one apart from other candidates. The designation bolsters the marketing of instructional and consulting services. It provides a substantial competitive edge to those who have attained it. The CPOI aids the security industry by having advocates of professionalism in visible, high-impact roles. They teach the classes, develop courses and design curricula.

The Certified Protection Officer Instructor designation sets and advances instructional standards. It serves as an internationally recognized credential which is achieved after attaining specific academic work in security/asset protection. CPOIs must also have a foundation in adult learning and teaching. They must have experience both in security as well as instructing. There is no grandfathering; every applicant must complete a rigorous process.

LEVEL UP! Get your security certification with the IFPO!

The first step in becoming a CPOI is to complete the Certified Protection Officer process. This program covers 45 topical areas from physical Security to Ethics. It’s the academic piece. Many organizations require their security officers to complete the program as a condition of employment. Others use it for promotional purposes. Secondary schools offering Protective Services curricula use it as a capstone course. Forward thinking colleges and universities have integrated it within their curricula.

There are over 600 CPOIs worldwide. These ambassadors teach in academies, for corporations, public high schools (protective services programs), colleges and universities.

The CPOI process was developed by the International Foundation for Protection Officers in response to demand from organizations who wished to teach the CPO program in a classroom setting. That was the impetus for the program; but it is certainly not the only objective of the CPOI. CPOI’s are forming a sort of cadre of instructors which help facilitate professionalism within security forces and individuals. CPOI’s function as ambassadors for the Foundation; helping it to fulfill its’ objectives.



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