Congrats to Andreas Mulianto, first Indonesian to become a Certified Protection Officer


The International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO) is pleased to announce that Andreas Immanuel Mulianto, PMP, PSP, CCTP, CSMP, CPO is the first person to earn a Certified Protection Officer in Indonesia. Congratulations on your achievement, Andreas, and best of luck on your career in the future! 

Mulianto said earning his CPO is significant because of the time it took to achieve it and the reputation it holds in the security industry. Initially, he said he thought he could take the CPO certification test relatively quickly, but it turned out he had to spend many hours studying and preparing before I could pass the exam.

"This certification is important because it gives greater credibility that we have what it takes to be a security professional," he said. "This certification can set us apart
from people who do not have it. I am not saying that we are better, or that we are smarter. I am only saying that we have written proof from a reputable organization, that we passed the test set out by the organizer. But, I also think that it is important to see the organization who is issuing the certification. IFPO is not a new organization. It has members in more than 50 countries. So the recognition is there for a CPO holder. From the business standpoint, since we are a consulting company, this also gives us authority to speak as a recognized security expert. In essence, three words, CREDIBILITY, RECOGNITION and AUTHORITY."

Mulianto  is currently the Managing Director of PT Heiland Andalan Indonesia (Heiland Consulting and Training), a security consulting and training company. He has more than 25 years of experience in Information Technology and industrial security fields, including managing large scale IT and security projects in the largest oil and gas company in Indonesia. When Mulianto was working there, he was sent by his company on career development assignment in Oxford, United Kingdom, to study security management.

Throughout his career, Mulianto secured many professional certifications in IT, project management, and industrial security such as PMP, PSP, BNSP Accredited Master Trainer, CCTP, CSMP and most recently CPO from IFPO. He is serving as the advisor of CPSC Board (Certified Physical Security Consultant) in Singapore, trainer in CCTP (Certified Counter Terrorism Practitioner Program), member of ASIS, member of ISMI United Kingdom, trainer for Gada Utama program and advisor at Asosiasi Security Leader Indonesia (ASLI).


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