CPO Instructor – an important and fulfilling calling, IFPO’s Sandi Davies says


According to IFPO Executive Director Sandi Davies, the concept for the Certified Protection Officer Instructor (CPOI) program was developed out of a need for a standardized system for teaching the CPO curriculum to others.

What occurred previously was that an individual would achieve the CPO and then "hang a sign on their door saying they could teach the program," Davies said.

Establishing the CPOI program ensured and defined who is qualified to teach others in the CPO program, she said.

As the IFPO's website reads, "CPOI's are Certified Protection Officers who have made a significant professional commitment toward advancing themselves as teachers, researchers, mentors and leaders.

They are instructors, professors, consultants and supervisors. Certified Protection Officer Instructors teach various topics relating to security and asset protection. They advance the objectives of the IFPO within their respective areas of employment."

Learn more about the CPOI program here.


According to Davies, not only do CPOIs possess the skill-set and ability to intelligently deliver the curriculum, but if they need additional help, they are able to unlock instructional tools located on the IFPO website. Those tools include lesson plans and power-point presentations, she said.

"It really is a valuable place for them to gain instructional tools for the program," Davies said.

The CPOI program appeals to agencies and institutions that seek to have multiple employees as CPOs.

"People are recognizing the need for tangible proof that their instructors have attained a standard to deliver a successful program," Davies said.

To clarify, the CPOI is a certification, but to attain it, one does not have to undergo additional coursework and testing.

"It's just an application process," Davies said.

The criteria for CPOI are as follows:

-- Possess CPO certification.

-- Have at least 5 years experience in the security industry.

-- Have at least 5 years teaching experience. Tis can be a combination of roles/jobs from a variety of setting, including academic, military, and institutional.

One characteristic Davies has noted with CPOIs is that they are very dedicated to their craft of teaching.

"The attrition with the CPOIs is almost non-existent," in that they continue to re-certify every two years, she said. "They hold it in high regard ... I think they also recognize the importance of it."

Learn more about the CPOI program here.

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