Did you know? IFPO weekly professional protection officer quiz #2

Welcome to the second installment of the weekly IFPO security professional quiz.

Here are the answers from last week's quiz #1:

  1. A
  2. D
  3. False
  4. B
  5. C

How well did you do? And now, onto this week's questions:

1. In a contemporary asset protection scheme, patrols are not just concerned with observing criminal activity. Patrols are also concerned with which of the following? 

A. Rules violations and unauthorized activities.
B. Safety and fire protection issues.
C. Delivering inter-department mail and doing lighting surveys.
D. All the above.

2. Risk management is a process closely related to the insurance industry. Similarly, it is a large part of the physical security planning process. Strategies for managing risk include all the following except

A. risk avoidance.
B. risk mitigation.
C. risk transfer.
D. risk procrastination.

3. Sir Robert Peel set forth a series of principles upon which a police force could be established including all of the following except

A. police officer appearance, alone, has no deterrent effect.
B. the police must be under governmental control.
C. police officers should be hired on a probationary basis.
D. police headquarters should be centrally located.

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4. Current policing in the United States was greatly influenced by the Civil Rights Laws of 1964.

A. True.
B. False.

5. Air transport is vulnerable to all the following security issues except

A. safety.
B. “road rage.”
C. terrorists.
D. theft.


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