IFPO UK and Ireland’s Director Mike Hurst among 2022 UK OSPAs judges

A big congratulations to Mike Hurst, IFPO UK and Ireland's Director, who was chosen as a 2022 judge for the UK OSPAs!

Here's what the Outstanding Security Performance Awards had to say:

"The OSPAs would like to say a big thank you to our UK judges for 2022, who have been nominated by our supporting associations to contribute their knowledge and experience towards evaluating this year's entries!"

Judges’ Code of Ethics

The Judges Code of Ethics is set out to define the standards required of an OSPAs judge. This is in order to maintain the core values of integrity and impartiality. There is an obligation on all parties to observe the highest standards of integrity and all judges and officials who act on behalf of the OSPAs must accept the importance of establishing and maintaining appropriate ethical behaviour. By becoming a judge that person has agreed to the Code of Ethics. The principles that govern the judging process are as follows:

Independence – Judges’ decisions must not be based on extraneous influences, and they must reject any attempt to influence their decisions.

Integrity – Judges will act with to ensure they are above reproach and act consistently in the view of fair minded, informed people.

Diligence – Judges will commit to ensuring that all entries they receive are judged fairly and are considered equally.

Equality – Judges will carry out their review without discrimination.

Impartiality – Judges will remain impartial in the judging process, and review entries purely based on the quality of the evidence provided to them.




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