IFPO Webinar #2: Career Planning in Security – Resources

One of the great failures of the security industry over the past several decades has been the lack of career planning guidelines and opportunities for security practitioners. There is a high turnover particularly within the front lines as expectations often do not match training or salaries: meaning expectations are often high with training and salaries are low.

However, the reality is that every sector of the economy has a corresponding security role. There are jobs aplenty, despite the challenges and obstacles. The security sector has excellent career opportunities for those prepared to put the work into planning their careers.

For those wishing to get ahead, there is a considerable amount of training and educational opportunities on a global basis. With the pandemic, online learning is poised to provide access to security personnel. There has also been an explosion of ‘free’ content in the form of webinars, online documents, career planning documents, job postings, that people can access to assist them.

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Some of the issues include:

Identifying barriers to career progression.
Identifying opportunities for career progression.
Recognizing the difference between a job and a career.
What resources are available to individuals?
What skills and competencies are necessary to be successful?

Guest Panelists:

Navpreet Sidhu: Manager, Security and Life Safety, BentallGreenOak Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Brad Joly: Account Manager Garda World, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


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