Earn your pins from the International Foundation for Protection Officers

It's time to earn your pins from the International Foundation for Protection Officers!

Earning a pin from the IFPO means you are dedicated to the profession of professional security and it symbolizes that you care about your performance on the job that you went beyond the status quo to improve yourself.

Certainly, the knowledge that you learn is the most important part, but displaying what you have earned can be a conversation-starter, might be what separates you from other job-seeking candidates or could lead to that promotion you have been seeking.

Director of Security Bob Martz, CPO, CSSM, says it best: "The CPO and CSSM pins look great on a uniform, and shows the world that you take your profession seriously and take pride in what you do."

Bob Martz proudly displays the CPO and CSSM pins on his uniform after earning the respective certifications from the IFPO.

Certified Protection Officer (CPO):

The CPO program is designed for security officers and students who wish to learn more about security/asset protection. It is for the career-oriented individual. The difference between a guard and a Professional Security Officer? Guard vs. Professional Protection Officer.

Candidates must have six (6) months of full time protection officer experience (or equivalent) or one year of part time protection officer experience (or equivalent). Students enrolled into a recognized classroom training program may also qualify for this program.

Students may take the exam first and receive a certificate of completion, applying for certification when they have obtained the necessary experience. Students participating in a security related classroom program at an educational institute may take the CPO Program if they are not 18, however they will receive a certificate of completion. When they become 18, they can contact the IFPO to recevie their CPO certification certificate.

Certified in Security Supervision and Management (CSSM):

Unique and flexible, the Certified in Security Supervision and Management (CSSM) Program distance learning course is designed to meet the needs of the security supervisor or manager. Candidates accepted into the program have the option of completing an unsupervised midterm examination, in addition to a mandatory proctored final examination and a written practical exercise.

The textbook is "Security Supervision: Theory and Practice of Asset Protection," published by Butterworth-Heinemann. The text is the result of an alliance between IFPO, the publisher, and more than 50 of the industry's leading security supervisors, authors, educators and consultants. It will serve not only as an excellent source of information for the course, but as a valuable reference the practitioner or student. It is also an excellent text for upper level undergraduate and graduate courses in Security Management, Homeland Security and similar disciplines.

Certified Protection Officer Instructor (CPOI):

Certified Protection Officer Instructors are individuals who teach the Certified Protection Officer (CPO)Program or a portion thereof. CPOI's are Certified Protection Officers who have made a significant professional commitment toward advancing themselves as teachers, researchers, mentors and leaders. They are instructors, professors, consultants and supervisors. Certified Protection Officer Instructors teach various topics relating to security and asset protection. They advance the objectives of the IFPO within their respective areas of employment.

Being designated as a Certified Protection Officer Instructor is a noteworthy achievement. It is a significant career milestone.

IFPO Membership:

Individual, student and corporate memberships are available

Benefits include: exclusive members only area, quarterly newsletter, educational manuals and a 10% discount on all IFPO-sponsored programs and products.


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International Foundation for Protection Officers Mission Statement

Mission Statement Part I.

The International Foundation for Protection Officers provides professional learning opportunities for security practitioners, to impart the knowledge, skills, and competencies required to maximize job performance and enhance career potential.

Purpose: to make a positive difference in the quality of the participant’s job performance and elevate the professional status of students who partake of our learning opportunities.

Business: to supply committed security practitioners with a quality education to help achieve their highest potential and provide recognized accreditation for successful completion of educational goals.

Values: commitment, integrity, responsibility, and standards of excellence, provide the platform that supports our journey as we pursue our mission.

Vision Statement

Commitment to Excellence: To be the recognized center of excellence and primary provider of education and training products and services to the security industry.

Mission Statement Part II.

“The International Foundation for Protection Officers is committed to the support and professional development of protection officers and supervisors. Through advocacy, promoting training standards, and providing accessible training, education and certification opportunities, we seek to enhance their professional standing as well as increase and diversify the value of the vital services they provide.”



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