Making the community safer with Security Cares at #ASIS2017


Introducing Security Cares, an initiative coming to Dallas September 27-28 as part of the ASIS International 63rdAnnual Seminar and Exhibits (ASIS 2017).

Security Cares is a community safety and security initiative designed to educate managers of small businesses and community institutions (churches, nonprofits, schools, clinics, museums, etc.) — places that traditionally have not considered themselves targets — about the fundamentals of security prevention and preparedness.

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By delivering free education programs and access to security thought leaders and solutions providers, Security Cares helps build safer, more resilient environments.

The full lineup of opening session speakers includes:

  • Michael Dailey, Chief, Outreach Programs Branch, U.S. Department of Homeland Security Infrastructure Protection, Region VI
  • Jim McGuffey, CPP, PCI, PSP, author Houses of Worship Security Risk Analysis Process and owner, A.C.E. Security Consultants
  • Paul Timm, PSP, author School Security: How to Build and Strengthen a School Safety Program and VP, ​Facility Engineering Associates​
  • Sheriff Lupe Valdez, Dallas County Sheriff's Department

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"DHS is proud to support the efforts of the Security Cares initiative, especially as it relates to helping educate small and medium-sized businesses on how they can improve their security posture," said Michael Dailey, chief, Outreach Programs Branch, DHS IP Region VI. "These efforts go hand-in-hand with DHS's Hometown Security concept that seeks to help better prepare communities and businesses from tragedies stemming from active shooters and/or terror incidents by asking small and medium-sized businesses and places of public gatherings to 'Connect, Plan, Train, and Report.'"

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Wednesday's second session, "Preventing Violence: Developing and Testing Your Readiness Plans," focuses on having effective prevention and emergency response plans in place and includes peer-to-peer collaboration in an immersive, simulated scenario focused on testing protocols to surface vulnerabilities. Following the formal program, participants will take a guided tour of the exhibit hall to learn more about the types of security services and solutions available to provide a safe work environment.

Security Cares continues Thursday with the following sessions:

  • Don't Be a Victim! Fundamentals of Cybersecurity, offering best practices and guidelines from leading IT security experts on basic steps to secure an organization's information assets.
  • Mail Security Best Practices (presented by Amanda McMurrey, U.S. Postal Inspector), will provide a primer on safe mail handling practices and share insights into how small businesses and organizations without a formal mail room can take advantage of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service's resources.


About ASIS 2017

Produced by ASIS International, the world's largest membership organization for security professionals, ASIS 2017 is the premier event for security professionals worldwide—providing industry-leading education, countless business connections, and the latest products and services.  The event attracts more than 22,000 total registrants from 100+ countries and showcases more than 180 sessions, panels, and keynotes that align with today’s most critical headlines—including IoT security, active shooter, soft target protection, human trafficking, and workplace violence. The ASIS 2017 exhibit floor features 550+ exhibitors, allowing attendees to experience the latest technologies, products and solutions with live presentations, hands-on demos, and questions answered directly by the experts.

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