What people are saying about the IFPO’s certification programs

The International Foundation for Protection Officers has spent long hours developing its certification programs to be at the vanguard of advanced knowledge in the security industry. But better than hearing it from the IFPO itself, here are some testimonials from those in the security industry who have benefited from the courses. Click here to start your journey.
Christopher Leon Johnson
5 star

"Supportive staff. I purchased the Final Challenge Option for the Certified Protection Officer. The hardest thing was finding a proctor. I Spoke to Linda and she suggested to me that I should find a proctor center such as Sylvan and I did such that and I've paid 35 bucks to take the exam at NYBI. Took the test on my first shot and got a 71 percent on the exam and now I can officially call myself a Certified Protection Officer!! thanks IFPO!"


Christopher Innace

5 star

"The IFPO certifications is a must for any security business or for the security professional. I have been a certified protection officer for over 17 years and I highly recommend the IFPO programs."


Alish Samba

5 star

i am very pleased and proud to be trained and certified by the IFPO, since i am taking the courses i feel myself fully comfortable working as a security professional, i even recommended the IFPO courses to some of my workmates. let's keep professionalism and our code of ethic in the course of our duty.safety and security first.
Alish Samba



Cathy Miller

5 star

"I loved this course! The instructor was great because he had a lot of experience in private security and ways that anyone can succeed. He was professional, resourceful, and I liked how he explained the emerging trends and one’s abilities to obtain career growth.

This course provided great training and value for the money. Anyone who is interested in a career in corporate or private security should definitely check out this course. You can also find many more resources that Cole provides on his website: coleonsecurity (dot) com"

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