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This groundbreaking new book, the introductory work by author George E. Kellogg, MSSM, presents a candid look into the private security profession. As a security professional who holds a master’s degree in the science of security management, George has spent nearly his entire career working in health, safety, and security. This book is a collection of his own accumulated stories and experiences, beginning back in the 1990’s.

This book carries the reader through the challenges of days and nights on downtown streets, construction sites, shopping malls, hotels, and corporate offices, etc., of America. From reading this book, the layperson, building manager and new/aspiring security professional will learn firsthand what security professionals pass through every day.

Security Officers: True First Responders shows firsthand what it is like to evacuate people during an “0-dark-30” apartment fire. George tells of how he stood alone against two men accosting a young woman. He talks of detaining shoplifters. One story involves confronting active street gang members at a mall. George was present for several nights during race-related protests. All these things happened while working impossibly long hours.

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Through these stories, you will learn of the realities of working in the security profession. You will understand firsthand the less-than-stellar image that private officers have in the public eye, and you will know the real-life frustrations of it all. The author not only tells the stories but teaches the reader lessons he has learned in the field, making this an informal, off-the-cuff type of training manual. Readers will be entertained while learning something new from Kellogg's experiences.

George’s goal here is to help security professionals not repeat the common mistakes security pros make. Some mistakes he writes of have landed security people in jail, and gotten others seriously hurt.

PLUS, with a critical but friendly eye, the book presents some of the negatives within the profession and offers possible solutions to correct these issues. George is a particularly strong advocate of increasing training and safety standards for security officers and their employers. While there are no easy answers, he contends that something must be done to legislate real improvements in the profession.

Filled with adventure, tragedy, tongue-in-cheek humor...and the lessons learned from it all, Security Officers: True First Responders is likely the very first book of its kind. DON’T MISS IT!

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