FULL SPEED AHEAD! Security Research Project now funded, first phase to begin


NAPLES, Florida,  Feb. 25, 2021 --

The International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO) is announcing today that funding has been secured for the groundbreaking Security Research Project, led by Perpetuity Research.

This critical project would not be possible without the tremendous support of our research partners:


Doyle Security Services

Friends of Chuck


Orion Entrance Control Inc.


International Security Journal

Security Magazine

These sponsors will help mold the future of our rapidly-changing industry and assist with understanding the complexities of the 21st century security officer.

This research will leave a lasting legacy and be used for decades by the global security industry to close the knowledge gap that otherwise has been ignored or misunderstood in different countries.

The project is slated to be completed and the results will be released in September. For more information, visit the IFPO at www.ifpo.org


Project phases:

1st Phase: Conduct a review of previously published literature completed by researchers, governments and security industry practitioners that defines duties and tasks and task complexity. (Previous studies have often been narrowly focused.)

2nd Phase: Develop and conduct a survey of select English-speaking security officers from around the world.

3rd Phase: Conduct follow up in-depth interviews with a subset of survey participants.

4th Phase: Survey and conduct in-depth interviews with security managers.

5th Phase: Detail the findings for IFPO.



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