Leave a lasting legacy: Sponsors needed for major security industry research project

The International Foundation for Protection Officers is spearheading a groundbreaking study, to be undertaken by Perpetuity Research and supported by Security Magazine.

The need to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. It’s what drives us to do great things.

Oftentimes, those great things leave a lasting legacy. 

A ground-breaking research project, launched by the International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO), conducted by Perpetuity Research and sponsored by Security Magazine, is an opportunity to leave such a legacy.

“This much-needed project seeks to gain a deeper understanding of the role and complexity of the modern-day security officer,” said IFPO Executive Director Sandi Davies. "It will investigate the cost efficiency for an organization for the utilization of security officers (or security personnel) by identifying functional breadth and depth, expertise, specialized skills, reduction/elimination of risk, deterrent value of the role as well as profit enhancement to an organization by having this role. It will identify current but also future scope of the security officer and the integration of this critical role into the corporate mission and goals."

From its beginnings with Pinkerton’s National Detective Agency in the mid-1850s, the profession of the security officer may be a mystery to some, remaining, as IFPO Board Member Emeritus Chris Hertig coined, “The Forgotten Soldiers of the Invisible Empire.”

Recent challenges such as the global pandemic, social upheaval and a steady decrease in law enforcement have continued to cloud the public’s perception of precisely what and how a security officer operates.

But one point is for certain: 

This type of research, though vital, is severely lacking. In addition, with a marked increase in numbers of security officers, the impact of security officers on our daily lives is undeniable, Perpetuity’s Dr. Martin Gill said.

“We don’t fully know how they (security officers) experience the work, why public and law enforcement perceptions of their work have not kept up with developments,” he said. “In this project we aim to understand how we optimise the benefits officers generate, not just to clients but to the public at large.”

Security Magazine Editor-in-Chief Maggie Shein agreed with Gill that there exists a significant knowledge gap in the industry that must be filled.

“Such research will enable the entire industry to better prepare officers for duty now and into the future to do their jobs safely and effectively,” she said.

Consider the benefits of contributing to this groundbreaking endeavor:

Recognition. Exclusive coverage in Security Magazine and in the IFPO’s Insights newsletter and social media.

Connection. Frequent progress updates will be issued and a complimentary final report dispensed.

Gratification. Funds raised by sales of research will be donated to families of fallen security officers.

Project phases: 

1st Phase: Conduct a review of previously published literature completed by  researchers, governments and security industry practitioners that defines duties and tasks and task complexity. (Previous studies have often been narrowly focused.) 

2nd Phase: Develop and conduct a survey of select English-speaking security officers from around the world.  

3rd Phase: Conduct follow up in-depth interviews with a subset of survey  participants.  

4th Phase: Survey and conduct in-depth interviews with security managers. 

5th Phase: Detail the findings for IFPO. 

Here is your chance:

A project of this magnitude requires a high level of skill, time and effort on the part of its researchers. The total cost of the project is $75,000, of which the IFPO has already contributed $15,000.

Now it is time for you to step up and leave a lasting legacy. 

To make a donation, click here.

For more information on the project, including an interview with Gill, click here.

Sandi Davies

Executive Director

International Foundation for Protection Officers

1076 6th Avenue N.

Naples, Fl.  34102



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