Want to be a successful security supervisor? Take the Train the Security Trainer course

The strength of a successful company resides in its supervisors -- those who mentor and train newly-hired and novice personnel. But to achieve that, those supervisors must hone their skills in how to effectively deliver that information.

Introducing Train the Security Trainer (Level 1) course, brought to you by the International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO) and Kitteringham Security Group, Inc.,

This 8-hour course achieves that goal, exposing supervisors to concepts such as self-development, lesson plan design and teaching strategies in a nurturing blend of classroom and field exercises.

Format & Assessment:

The course consists of in-class assignments, class participation and an exam. Students also must craft a lesson plan, design a 60-minute training program and write an essay on lessons learned. Students must earn a minimum of 75 to pass.

Topics include:

• Training concepts
• Professional Self Development
• Domains of Training
• Lesson Plan Design
• Teaching Strategies
• Designing Instruction Plans

Training includes a detailed participant manual.

Format & Assessment:

Successful course completion consists of several assignments, class participation and
open book exam. The major field exercise requires students to write a lesson plan, deliver a 60-minute training
program to others and write a reflective piece on lessons learned. The fieldwork is to be submitted one month
after the online delivery. Course pass mark is 75%.

Course will be delivered:

• Online with a live instructor
• THREE sessions
• Each Session is 2-hours
• Participants will use Microsoft Teams


This is a NEW course offering.
Introductory Price: $199.00 (U.S.) PLUS shipping.

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About the instructor:

Dr. Glen Kitteringham, CPP has worked in the security industry since 1990. He obtained his Professional Doctorate in Security Risk Management from the University of Portsmouth, holds the Certified Protection Professional designation from ASIS International. He earned multiple certificates in Adult Learning from the University of Calgary between 2010 and 2020. He teaches several security courses at the University of Calgary and the Justice Institute of British Columbia. With over 30 years experience in security and management, he has the knowledge and experience to develop training programs tailored to meet the needs of today’s security practitioners.

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