SECURITY WEBINAR: How competent are security officers? And why does it matter?


free pic from pixabay

free pic from pixabay

How competent are frontline security officers (in some countries referred to as guards)? It has long been noted that security officers are the face of the whole security sector and the reputation they garner has a knock-on effect and is directly linked to perception of the broader private and corporate security sector.

We know they undertake many tasks, and are often the first to respond to incidents, but how effective are they at what they do? Is it right security officers should focus on exclusively security-related tasks, or should they focus on whatever the paying client wants, be that watering the plants or cleaning the floors?

How do we define the skillsets needed and can we have an international standard? How do we begin to judge the effectiveness of these frontline workers and how can we use that to manage or promote a better image of the broader security sector? This webinar will discuss:

-- To what extent are the tasks undertaken by security officers distinct from other workers and does it matter?
-- How do we judge the effectiveness of security officers?
-- Are the tasks undertaken by security officers complex/difficult or can they easily be done by non-skilled people?


Mario Doyle – President & Chief Operating Officer at Doyle Security Services (US)
Kevin Palacios – Ecuador Security and IFPO in Spanish
Yolanda Hamblen – ISS UK and IFPO UK & Ireland


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