IFPO Global Webinar #5:Technology and how today’s security officer should prepare for it

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Dr. Glen Kitteringham hosts the latest in his series of webinars on the modern-day security professional:

Technology has made a tremendous impact on security operations over the past 20+ years. Security officers have long been required to have considerable knowledge in operating various computer-based systems including access control, video surveillance, multiple communications systems and equipment, report writing, patrol monitoring and workplace permit authorization software.

In addition, they are required to be knowledgeable with non-security systems including elevators, building management systems and lighting control, which they operate on behalf of facility personnel. As disruptive as this change has been, there are more coming with artificial intelligence, security robots, drones and cyber-security.

Part of the challenge in managing all these new systems is that there is very little discussion of the impact on security operations with the introduction of new equipment. Training is often ignored or downplayed. In this webinar, we will discuss these issues and what it means for front line security personnel.


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