TIME FOR CHANGE? Free webinar on the IFPO’s research project on frontline security

Following the publication of the IFPO report, ‘The Competence of Frontline Security Professionals and What They Say About Their Work’, this webinar will evaluate the process for improving the role of the frontline worker (and the perception if it by others).

The webinar will discuss the implications of the findings about the sorts of roles they find difficult; their comments on their training, its shortcomings and findings about the factors that make it effective; their attitudes to work and careers; and their perspectives on management.

Crucially the purpose of this webinar will be to discuss what we do now. Specifically, the webinar will discuss:

● How can we best respond to the roles frontline security personnel find difficult?

● How can we build on the good and bad points about training?

● What needs to happen next to improve the working conditions of frontline workers?

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