Security professionals and mental health/wellbeing course offered by IFPO UK and Ireland

Increasingly around the world, and more specifically, in the security industry, mental health and wellbeing have become major concerns. To that end, IFPO UK & Ireland have partnered with Nuology to offer a unique course, Understanding Mental Health and Wellbeing for security teams.

Who should take this course?

Security Officers and Supervisors who may be required to support people with mental health and wellbeing needs.

Why take this course?

To provide an understanding of the concept of wellbeing and the role of security professionals in managing people's wellbeing.

Upon completion of these courses you will:

Define the concept of wellbeing and describe how it differs from mental health and illness, describe the factors that might lead to poor wellbeing in people, describe the factors that help to protect people from poor mental wellbeing, and Identify signs of poor mental wellbeing

What's my time investment?

45-60 minutes.

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