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IFPO Board of Directors


Dennis Shepp, MBA, CPP, CFE, PCI, CPOI
Kelowna, BC CANADA

Past Chairman

Rick Daniels, MA (Criminology), CPP, CFE

Executive Director

Sandi J. Davies
Naples, FL


Ron Martin, CPP
Open Security Exchange
Shreveport, Louisiana Area


Lawrence Fennelly, CPOI, CSSM, CHSIII
Expert Witness/Author
Yarmouth, MA


Tom M. Conley, M.A., CPP, CPOI, CPO
The Conley Group, Inc.
Des Moines, Iowa

Christopher A. Hertig CPP, CPOI
York College of Pennsylvania

Robert Metscher, CPP, CISSP, CFE, CSSM, CPO
Tacoma Goodwill
Tacoma, Washington

Charles Thibodeau, CPP, CPO
Charles T. Thibodeau & Associates
Minneapolis, MN

Marianna Perry, M.S., CPP
Loss Prevention and Safety Management LLC
Louisville, KY

Karl Poulin, CPO, CPOI
Critical Intervention Services
Clearwater, FL

Joop F. Verdonk, CPP, CPOI, ATO
European Security Academy Oegstgeest
The Netherlands

Rick Daniels, MA (Criminology), CPP, CFE
Daniels Group International
Fort Lauderdale, FL and Toronto, Canada

Michael Stroberger, CPP, CPO, CSS
National Account Manager
U.S. Security Associates, Inc.

Dr. Jennifer Hesterman, CPP
Colonel, USAF (Retired)

Founding Director(Posthumous)

Ron Minion

The IFPO was founded by Ron Minion, a former member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and owner of a large Canadian contract business. Minion was steadfast in his belief that protection officers needed to be properly screened, trained and uniformed, and in 1988 he founded IFPO after selling his agency. He served as its Executive Director until 1992, and was succeeded by Sandi Davies, who has held the office ever since.