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About IFPO

The International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO) is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to the professional development of security officers and first-line supervisors.

Since 1988, the Foundation has offered professional certification programs that have clearly demonstrated their effectiveness in helping people succeed and progress in their career development.

The IFPO offers an array of educational offerings, publications, membership and networking opportunities. Membership gives access to Foundation programs at a substantial discount; creating a pathway for the professional development of individuals, employers and educational institutions.

The IFPO Career Center has been established as a simple, easily digested guide for persons interested in career options within the Security Industry. It is a public service outreach to help people with their career planning.

IFPO Career Partners

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The Security Industry is vast and complex.

There are numerous aspects to it; most of which are unseen by the general public. Entertainment media generally don’t portray security personnel in an accurate manner. News media rarely speak with security professionals. They interview public officials and receive updates from them. The security role in crime prevention, crime control and investigation goes unseen. It is the mass of the iceberg that is below the water. It is much, much larger than the tip of the iceberg (what the public sees in terms of sensational crimes, etc.).

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As it is so large, there are countless career possibilities.

Understanding the scope and nature of the Security Industry is important to career planning. One must know where the entry points are. They must know how to start. How to progress. How to succeed.

This is important to the career-seeker. It is arguably even more important to the end user of security such as employers and society itself.

Where To Begin?

Intensive Course

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IFPO Certifications

The International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO) is dedicated to providing meaningful and cost effective security training for protection officers. Kickstart your career in the security industry today with certification training provided by the IFPO.

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Where Did You Begin Your Journey?

Not only has the CPO test been approved as our final Technical Assessment; the students also gain the benefits of a higher level of training at no cost to them, confidence in their skills, and an internationally recognized title.  Many other Career and Technical Education programs in NYS have also adopted this program and their students continue to benefit from it as well.

Thank you to the IFPO for all your continued support with the educational community!

David N. Foldi, CPP - CPOI

"Thank you, it is great to be a part of the International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO) membership! It is a honor to be a part of a professional organization, we value our membership in IFPO and look forward to the future where we hope to see all of Crane Currency's Security Professional attain IFPO certifications!"

Lysander Bone, CPP, CSP

"I just wanted to email you and say thanks to all the staff at IFPO. I think I managed to email every single one of them (some multiple times) this week, as well as calling in with questions. Working with IFPO and your staff has simply been a pleasure. They were patient, helpful, and responsive. Thanks so much for running such a professional organization and one of which I am proud to be a member"

Qazi Khan, CPO

"The saying goes, 'to whom much is given, much is expected. In applying this principle to being a CPO, I have been given more responsibility and have been afforded the opportunity to accept employment positions that require greater expectations. In a sense, the CPO program created a ripple effect on my career by being able to stand out of the crowd, accepting greater positions of authority and then advancing in my professional life. Without sounding overly redundant, being a CPO has literally opened doors for me that otherwise would never have been possible."

Eric S., CPO

"With the CPO designation, I now walk tall and speak with a high degree of authority on security officer issues both in the private and public sectors. Top police officers marvel at the depth of my professional knowledge."

Biyi, Adegoroye, CPO