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IFPO Webinar Series

Launching in January 2021, the International Foundation for Protection Officers will host a series of monthly webinars on a series of topics relevant to today’s front-line security practitioners. Designed for those in officer and supervisory roles, these webinars will provide information on a variety of topics designed to give you the tools to increase your effectiveness, build your skill set and help with your security career. Each session will be short, just 30 minutes, the third Wednesday of each month, at 10 am Eastern Time. These sessions will be either host presentations or host and panelists discussion a variety of topics.

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Proposed schedule and topics

  • Jan 20: The challenges and opportunities of providing security during Covid-19
  • Feb 17: Careers in Security Part 1
  • March 17: Careers Part 2
  • April 21: Dealing with Violence
  • June 23: Technology and how today’s security officer should be preparing for it
  • July 21: Managing Stress for Security Staff during the Pandemic
  • Aug 18: The Role of the Security Supervisor
  • Sept 15: IFPO Research Findings on Security Officer Duties & Task Complexity
  • Oct 20: Implications from the IFPO Research
  • Nov 17: What do good SOPs and ERPs look like and how do they benefit security
  • Dec 15: How to develop situational awareness

These sessions will also provide re-certification credit for CPO and CSSM certificate holders. Attendees will be required to register ahead of time then simply click on the link provided to them at the time of registration to log into the webinar using Zoom. They will be given the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the presentation with other attendees. For a limited time, we are also presenting each attendee with a digital certificate of attendance! 

Session #5: Wednesday, June 23, 2021 at 10 am Eastern Time

Technology and how today’s security officer should be preparing for it.

Technology has made a tremendous impact on security operations over the past 20+ years. Security officers have long been required to have considerable knowledge in operating various computer-based systems including access control, video surveillance, multiple communications systems and equipment, report writing, patrol monitoring and workplace permit authorization software. In addition, they are required to be knowledgeable with non-security systems including elevators, building management systems and lighting control which they operate on behalf of facility personnel. As disruptive as this change has been, there are more coming with artificial intelligence, security robots, drones and cyber-security. Part of the challenge in managing all these new systems is that there is very little discussion of the impact on security operations with the introduction of new equipment. Training is often ignored or downplayed. In this webinar, we will discuss these issues and what it means for front line security personnel. Join us on June 23 for this event.

Guest Panelists: 

Scott Young
Vice President
Prairie Region
Security Services ‑ Canada


Sean A. Bolli CPP, CSSM, CPOI
Manager, Global Security Operations Center
Corporate Security

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Host and Presenter:

Dr. Glen Kitteringham CPP started in the security industry as a loss prevention officer working for one of Canada’s largest retailers: The Hudson Bay Company. Since then, he worked as a uniformed security officer at numerous sites, as a internal investigator, insurance fraud investigator, supervisor, manager, senior manager, director and consultant. He is the president and owner of Kitteringham Security Group, Inc. located in Calgary Alberta, Canada. He has worked across Canada, as well as India, Saudi Arabia and China.