Attention IFPO members – the 4th quarter e-newsletter is now up

Good news for IFPO Members -- the 4th quarter issue of the e-newsletter is now up on the IFPO website.

And in other good news, the e-newsletter will be re-designed and packed with new and useful content for 2018!

IFPO’s Year-end Special: Two years of membership for the price of one!

Included in the latest issue is an essay, What Does Being "Professional" Mean? by IFPO Directors Lawrence J. Fennelly, CPOI, CSSI and Marianna A. Perry, M.S., CPP, CPOI:

Professionalism is defined by the Meriam-Webster Dictionary as, “the skill, good judgment, and polite behavior that is expected from a person who is trained to do a job well.”

The acronym, PROFESSIONAL below, outlines the attributes of a professional:

P - Precise, Exact, Detailed.
R - Responsive to Clients and the Public.
O - Objective in Thought, Free of Prejudice and Preconceived Notions.
F - Factual in all Reporting Processes, Honest.
E - Ethical.
S - Sincere About Doing the Best Job Possible.
S - Striving for Perfection by Constantly Trying to Improve One’s Job Performance.
I - Informed about Events and Trends within one’s Profession.
O - Observant of People and the Work Environment.
N - Neat and Orderly in Dress and Work.
A - Accommodating and Helpful to Others.
L - Loyal to One’s Employer, Clients, and Profession.

IFPO members, of course, will have access to this entire and much more. Join today!

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