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Navy Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (COOL)

Press Release on Navy COOL and IFPO programs.

The CPO program is designed for protection professionals intent on improving their individual security skills.

Successful CPO's are finding that the program significantly improves job performance and job enjoyment by providing a broader understanding of the roles, duties and responsibilities of the security officer.

IFPO is proud to offer the on-line version of the Certified Protection Officer (CPO) 8th Edition course.  The CPO 8th Edition program provides graduates internationally recognized protection officer certification.  This self-paced, on-line course is designed for today’s busy lifestyles by offering access 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  The CPO 8th Edition provides modern, up-to-date training that improves protection officers’ skills and enhances their efficiency. Our delivery system tracks student achievements and maintains data necessary to provide seamless continuation of learning. The security profession operates in a constantly changing environment and must provide a wide range of potential responses to evolving and increasingly complex threats. Globalization and technology increase the scope of these threats and accelerate the rate at which they change. Consequently, providing security has become more complicated and the knowledge required by a competent security operative, at any level, has grown. This course will improve any protection officer’s skills, knowledge, and abilities. This highly interactive course includes 12 units covering 45 chapters. Each chapter provides interactive activities, knowledge checks, and concludes with an end of chapter test.  The course will fully prepare candidates for the CPO Final Exam that is included in the price of the course. All course materials prior to the final exam remain available for student review at any time prior to starting the final exam. Candidates who successfully complete the CPO 8th Edition Final Exam are provided an IFPO Certification Certificate.

Units of study include such topics as:

Career Planning for Protection Professionals
The Protection Officer as a Leader
Effective Communications
Security Awareness
Automation in Protection Operations
Patrol Principles
Environmental Crime Control
Alarm System Fundamentals
Occupational Safety and Health and the Protection Officer
An All Hazards Approach to Hazardous Materials
Information Security and Counterintelligence
Workplace Crime and Deviance

Crisis Intervention
Security Risk Management
Antiterrorism and VIP Protection
Crime and Incident Scene Procedures
Interviewing and Statements
Legal Aspects of Security
Use of Force
Defensive Tactics and Officer Safety
Apprehension and Detention Procedures
Human Relations in a Global Environment
Ethics and Professionalism
And much more

There are two delivery methods available to complete the Certified Protection Officer (CPO) program.

COMPUTER BASED COURSE – In keeping with IFPO's commitment to presenting quality training using the most current, proven delivery systems, IFPO offers a computer-based version of this ever-popular program. Added to the traditional text-based version, this version allows the student to select the training option that suits his or her personal needs and learning styles. The computer-based version contains the same information in the textbook, so it does not require the purchase of a textbook. The online version has short quizzes throughout the material and only the final examination, which must have a proctor present.

TRADITIONAL DISTANCE DELIVERY – HOME STUDY/CORRESPONDENCE COURSE - Candidates must study the "Professional Protection Officer Training textbook" and successfully complete an unsupervised midterm exam and the final exam with a proctor present. Materials included with this program include the 8th Edition textbook, end-of-chapter quiz answers, an interim exam that is taken unsupervised and IFPO grades, and a final exam that must have a proctor present. Online testing for eight edition is also available.

Which Version is Right for You?

The computer-based version works best for people who are comfortable using computers and those who just prefer working on a computer to using pencil and paper.

The computer-based versions allow students to train anywhere, anytime. All they need is a computer, and Internet access. The computer-based version works very well for anyone who is trying to fit training into an already hectic schedule, especially a schedule with irregular hours that can make it difficult to attend regular classroom training. Students can log in, work on lessons as long as they want, then log back out. When they log in again, they resume right where they left off.

This program can be implemented into a classroom environment and be used to augment a present training program

Upon completion of the program, successful CPOs receive:

  • Certification Certificate
  • Lapel Pin
  • ID Card
  • Access for the current year to the IFPO.org Members Only Area (1 year)
  • Individual or Group Wall Plaque (Optional at additional charge) [Order Here]

Additional Information

Online testing for the 8th edition is Now Available!

For a fast-track method of obtaining this certification, please see Certified Protection Officer Final Challenge.

Two-year re-certification requirement. All students who enroll into the program after January 1, 2004, will be required to re-certify on the two-year anniversary of their certification.

ASIS International awards re-certification credits for successful completion of the CPO Program. The program is designed for protection professionals who are intent on improving their individual security skills.

The Certified Protection Officer Program is a mandatory element for the completion of the Certified Protection Officer Instructor (CPOI) designation.

Read the Table of Contents and Chapter Summaries of The Protection Officers Training textbook 8th Edition (PDF format)

Read a review of The Protection Officer Training textbook (PDF format)

Read the Certified Protection Officer (8th Edition) Course Syllabus (PDF format)

Read Introduction from The Protection Officer Training textbook 8th Edition

Read the Flyer for The Protection Officer Training textbook 8th Edition (PDF format)

Navy candidates must first submit a request for a Navy COOL voucher. Once approved and funded the Navy COOL candidate can take advantage of the special pricing shown below.

This Navy COOL certification program is currently limited to Master-AT-Arms and security/protection-affiliated personnel.  Presently available only to active duty and reserve enlisted sailors; Navy officers will follow in the near future.  Exams are fully funded by Navy COOL.

Navy candidates must first submit a request for a Navy COOL voucher on the Master-AT-Arms area of the COOL site at: https://www.cool.navy.mil/enlisted/ma/htm
Once approved and funded the Navy COOL candidate can take advantage special pricing and Navy COOL will arrange for your course.

Eligible candidates must contact their COOL representative. The Cool representative will then contact IFPO.

(Please check with your Navy COOL representative to see if you are approved and your name has been registered with IFPO)

NAVY COOL is unable to fund for training, study materials ,
courses, etc., only the credentialing examination..


Shipping and handling charges may apply

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