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Press Release on Navy COOL and IFPO programs.

Certified Protection Officer Instructors are individuals who teach the Certified Protection Officer (CPO)Program or a portion thereof. CPOI's are Certified Protection Officers who have made a significant professional commitment toward developing themselves as teachers, researchers, mentors and leaders. They are Instructors, Professors, Consultants and Supervisors. Certified Protection Officer Instructors teach various topics relating to Security and Asset Protection. They advance the objectives of the International Foundation for Protection Officers within their respective areas of employment.

Being designated as a Certified Protection Officer Instructor is a noteworthy achievement. It is a demanding professional development process.

Candidates for the designation must meet the following qualifications:

  1. Current designation as a Certified Protection Officer (CPO).
  2. Membership in the International Foundation for Protection Officers.
  3. Five years teaching experience or equivalent
  4. One year full time security experience (part-time requires two (2) years). The experience listed by the candidate must indicate they were completely or primarily responsible for the protection of assets (Security, Crime Prevention or Loss Prevention). Law enforcement or investigative experience in and of itself will not suffice to fulfill this requirement. Candidates should specify their job titles and responsibilities. All relevant experience should be listed on the application.
  5. Post - secondary education at some level must be documented. This can be college courses or other substantial instruction in any subject given by a corporate, military, governmental or educational organization covering forty (40) or more hours. Courses in Communications, Supervision, Leadership, etc. are all examples of post-secondary education.
  6. Member in a professional instructor organization such as the American Society of Training and Development, Society for Human Resource Management, the International Association of Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers or membership in a professional security organization such as ASIS International, International Foundation for Cultural Property Protection, International Association of Healthcare Security & Safety or the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators. Membership may also be in a professional emergency management organization such as the International Emergency Management Association or the International Association of Fire Chiefs. Membership must be in a national or international organization.
  7. Candidate must hold a recognized instructor certification. This may be in any of a number of topical areas. It may come from a private, public, military or government organization. CPOI candidates must be certified to instruct in one or more areas.

Successful CPOI candidates receive the following:

  • Certificate
  • Letter of commendation
  • Certification I. D. Card
  • Listing on the IFPO web site as a CPOI
  • Wall Plaque (additional at cost)

The $200.00 certification fee is 100% REFUNDABLE if the candidate's application is not approved.

Two year re-certification requirement necessary. All candidates who successfully acquire the designation after January 1, 2002 will be required to re-certify on the two year anniversary of their certification.
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Navy candidates must first submit a request for a Navy COOL voucher. Once approved and funded the Navy COOL candidate can take advantage of the special pricing shown below.

Navy candidates must first submit a request for a Navy COOL voucher on the Master-AT-Arms area of the COOL site at: https://www.cool.navy.mil/enlisted/ma/htm
Once approved and funded the Navy COOL candidate can take advantage of the special pricing shown below.

Eligible candidates must contact their COOL represenative. The Cool represenative will then contact IFPO

(Please check with your Navy COOL representative to see if you are approved and your name has been registered with IFPO)


Shipping and handling charges may apply

CPOI Membership Plaque & Accessories