Lone wolf drone Grinch steals Christmas by invading UK airport

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By Matt Wilkinson, Neal Baker, Abe Hawken and Alex Matthews, TheSun

GATWICK Airport is back open this morning as chaos caused by an 'eco warrior lone-wolf' drone pilot rages into its THIRD day.

Around 21 planes an hour are departing Britain's second biggest airport but thousands of people still face Christmas holiday misery as 155 flights are cancelled.

Despite a trickle of good news working its way down to hordes of passengers slumped in the airport's departure lounges - Gatwick bosses are refusing to give an exact timeframe on when the disruption could end.

But the airport's chief commanding officer Chris Woodroofe said he hoped it would be business as normal by the end of the day.

Flyers have been told to check with their airlines for updates before heading out with a further 682 flights at risk of being delayed or cancelled today.

Gatwick said it could not say how many flights had left the airport so far today.

While planes departed and arrived at the airport for the first time in more than 32 hours - Transport Secretary Chris Grayling said 40 sightings had been reported of a "small number of drones".

Mr Grayling said it was possible that the drone chaos could have been caused by a foreign state but explained Gatwick was confident "passengers are now safe."

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