‘An eye opener’ One supervisor’s thoughts on door security

"My first experience on doors, I saw a woman get her eye ripped out with a stiletto heel by another woman. It was……well, an eye opener." 


by Gina Lawrence, The Professional Security Officer magazine, 3rd edition

As I stood there, the roar of the crowded venue behind me, I looked at my colleague. Small, struggling to communicate in English, a bulky bullet proof vest under his black jumper and visibly shaking with fright…… Not only did his personality not match the job role, but furthermore, how was he going to protect the public or myself if required? I did not feel safe and he was, quite literally, a standing target. I spent most of the night protecting him. Was this fair on the gentleman in question? The venue we were there to protect? Myself?

The answer is no – my question to you is this, what is the point of having numbers on the doors, if half the numbers are not suited to the job at hand? As a security manager, I am proud to stand beside all of my brothers and sisters in black – regardless of rank, race, religion or sexual orientation. The role we chose as our career choice is not without risk, our characters must be strong, versatile and our communication skills are paramount yet in my experience, I have been teamed with opposites of these characteristics.

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We all know the type that believes that they are superheroes, can take on anyone…”I jumped through a burning building, fought twenty blokes and rescued a couple kids.”…Sure you did, Rambo. Yet typically, they are the first to disappear, in my experience.

Violence only breeds more violence, words generally speak louder than actions, and I pride myself on rarely having to result to force to protect those I am employed to protect. So if you’ve joined the industry purely to “fight and act tough” then you need to get out of it. This is a profession to be proud of, not Thugs’R’us.

Now, do not get me wrong, I’m not the greatest Door Supervisor, nor is it my full time branch of security. It’s purely something that I enjoy doing from time to time and I have worked the doors for several years across the UK.

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Security in general is my passion, something that lights a fire in me. So yes, I may have high standards as a manager, however if I see that spark in you, I will always have your back, guide and train you to reach your full potential. Which is probably more that you think! Titles are absolutely meaningless. Integrity, honesty….. they are the ones that make you something special.

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