New Denver security officer licenses to require FBI checks, training


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DENVER CO October 6 2018 — The city of Denver has revamped its licensing procedures for security guards.
The new licenses will have additional training requirements and strengthened background checks.

"We’re always looking at our licenses to determine which need updated and which can be repealed and how we can be more effective and efficient for Denver," said Ashley Kilroy, Executive Director of Denver Excise and Licenses.

Notable changes and new requirements for security guards and private security employers include:
An FBI background check that covers criminal violations on a national level instead of a Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) background check, which doesn’t always flag crimes committed outside of Colorado.

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In-house security companies will no longer be exempt from licensing. Any employer of security guards will be required to have a private security employer license. This includes bars and clubs that hire their own security.

Security guards will be required to complete at least 16 hours of training before being licensed, and 8 hours of training upon renewal. Training must cover duties of a security guard, communication procedures and protocols, interaction with law enforcement and use of force.

Clearer standards for the use of uniforms, vehicles and canines.

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License applications will now be accepted online to improve convenience.

Security guard licenses are no longer required in many circumstances for ticket takers and ushers at events when they have no security role.

There are 7,000 licensed security guards in Denver. Existing security guards don't have to apply for the new license until their old license expires.

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