Medical marijuana dispensary shootout in Detroit injures one security officer

There's an argument out there that legalizing marijuana would somehow decrease crime related to the drug. But there are several factors those individuals fail to realize or are purposely omitting. First, there will always be someone filled with an entrepreneurial spirit who thinks they can offer a better deal than the legal structure. Second, in recent years, we have seen an increase in the tainting of marijuana -- all sorts of other chemicals, some deadly, are being added to the drug. How do you "weed" all that out if you make the drug legal? And finally, there will always be those out there willing to take something that isn't theirs, especially if they think they can get it for free. Case in point:

From PrivateOfficerBreakingNews:

DETROIT MI November 25 2018 - A security guard was shot twice Saturday at the House of Zen on Mack Avenue in Detroit.

According to authorities, the shooting happened a little before 6 p.m. Officers spoke to a 39-year-old security guard, who said he was working with a 43-year-old security guard at the medical marijuana dispensary.

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The two security guards observed a person on the property. The younger security guard went outside to investigate while the older guard remained by the entrance.

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Police said the 39-year-old guard confronted the man, who walked away and entered a two-toned Chevrolet Silverado and then opened fire at the security guards. The younger guard fired shots back, and the 43-year-old guard was shot twice, once in the chest and once in the arm.

The gunman fled the location and was last seen traveling north on Marlborough Street. The security guard was taken to a hospital, where his vitals are stable.

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Anyone with information is asked to contact the Detroit Police Department at 313-596-5500.

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