Johnson Controls offers free workplace security review

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No one wants to think about the unthinkable. But preparing now for incidents such as an active shooter can greatly improve response and reduce the incident’s impact. Leverage the expertise of Johnson Controls to help you:

-- Mitigate the risk of workplace violence

-- Build a comprehensive security plan

-- Identify gaps that will help address any compliance issues


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Johnson Controls offers a range of integrated solutions including alarm systems that can summon security quietly and efficiently and notification systems that can alert employees and security personnel to the presence, location and nature of a threat.

A free security review with a Johnson Controls professional will help you evaluate any areas within your facility where violent incidents are more likely to occur. Working together, you can build a security solution tailored to your needs.

See how advanced security systems can be used to make post-incident response and investigation faster and more efficient. Review implemented security plans, what employees were involved and provide documentation for Violent Incident Logs.

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