Why security professionals and law enforcement must work together


By John Patston  |   Feb 21, 2019, CalibrePress.com

When Americans leave their homes for business or for leisure, there’s an expectation that they remain fairly safe while interacting with the rest of society.

If not for the role of government, particularly as it relates to the function and availability of law enforcement, persons would be at greater risk of harm while venturing out into public, as well as at home. Cops make law-abiding people safer. That’s the idea.

Beyond the basic services that police provide for communities across this country, private protections in the form of security services also exist in order to contribute toward a higher quality of life in private-public spaces, such as shopping malls and large power plants. With the presence of both police agencies and private security companies, life and property are jointly protected.

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Our Roles, Defined

There are countless definitions and perceptions of police and security. Police departments and security companies might have mission statements and a code of conduct that contains the requisite principles to engage in one’s duties with integrity. Bottom line: Both professions look to serve a greater good and require an orientation towards service.

When a crime is observed or heard about, a police officer has an obligation to pursue and apprehend, bringing suspects to answer to their charges, while also protecting the innocent. Security guards also aim to prevent crime, but their focus might be much more limited to a specific area, such as a department store or metals factory. Often, when crime does affect such a place, a security guard will contact police, who will then be asked to investigate the matter.

Yes, police departments do rely on private security to monitor stores, campuses, and facilities themselves. Likewise, security assets rely on the police to assist when crimes are observed or if someone has been taken into custody and must be turned over to law enforcement. The two entities also work in harmony to greater degrees for the more existential threats as well, such as global terrorism.

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