Security officer wins lawsuit against rapper Boosie Badazz in pepper-spray incident

Security officer Glen Kerley, from

BY ANITA LEE of The Sun Herald --

Biloxi, Mississippi -- As the crowd shoved him to the ground and swarmed over him, Dillard’s security officer Glen Kerley’s mind switched to auto pilot.

He wasn’t thinking about how badly he might be injured. He didn’t cry out. Instead, Kerley reached for his gun. He knew he needed to cover it up before someone tried to grab it.

He holds up his arm, showing the white scars where his wrist scraped the pavement while he secured the weapon.

“When 30 people grab you,” the retired law enforcement officer says, “there’s very little you can do about it.”

Kerley is the former Dillard’s security officer who pepper-sprayed members of a group shopping with Baton Rouge rapper Boosie Badazz (real name Torrence Hatch Jr. -- IFPO) on April 9, 2017, the day after he performed at a black spring break 2017 concert.

Security officer Glen Kerley uses pepper spray in the 2017 incident at Dillard's involving rapper Boosie Badazz's entourage.

The incident would prompt lawsuits and profanity-laced Instagram videos from Boosie, who has 6 million followers and let everyone know he felt like a victim of racism.

Kerley, 55, has never spoken publicly about what happened. The retired Biloxi police officer is still working security but no longer at Dillard’s.

He sat down with the Sun Herald last week, after prevailing in a lawsuit he brought against the rapper and his bodyguard, Larry Anderson. They didn’t show up for court, so the judge entered a $233,128.54 default verdict for Kerley, who identified Boosie and Anderson as two of his attackers outside Dillard’s.

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