Layered Security Approach for Churches

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By Keith Shaver,

The security industry is receiving an increasing number of requests for various types of security solutions from churches.

National news outlets are reporting an ever-increasing number of stories of church vandalism, theft, robberies and in some instances active shooters on or within church campuses.

Those stories along with a greater interest for safety concerns across the nation are driving the local church to investigate methods to better secure the church facility and protect its member’s personal security while attending activities.

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For the church to provide the right security solution it is recommended the church review its current security plans and procedures. Two key elements to consider during this review are a security team and the use of electronic security equipment options. The security team is the most cost effective security measure.

This team can provide the eyes and ears to monitor activities in the parking lot, facility entrances, worship venues and classroom hallways. The security team is an important piece of the total security objective, but without 24-hour surveillance the church will be unable to ensure security after normal attendance hours.

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To provide around the clock surveillance, the church will need to investigate electronic security options. Keep in mind you may want to start with one solution and grow the electronic security capabilities as budget and resources allow. So which option is implemented first?

To understand the electronic security options and decide which option should be selected first let’s look at a layered approach to security. The layered approach allows you to step-in at any level, even with an existing system, by simply upgrading the system’s capabilities.

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Let’s assume for this discussion you are just beginning to think about the security options and are starting at ground zero without a security team and with no electronic systems currently installed in your facility.

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