‘Mantraps’ have wider use today in business, not just government or military


There's been a lot of talk over the past few years about mansplaining and manspreading, but mantraps? Interesting. Seriously though, it begs the question, would something like this be practical if implemented in a school, airport or sports arena scenario? -- IFPO.

By Dale Gigandet, managing director and founder of Security Entry Consultants

originally published at SecurityMagazine.com

Security mantraps came into use during the 16th century and were mechanical devices used for catching poachers and trespassers.

Today, a security mantrap is commonly described as a small room, area or compartment that is designed to temporarily hold (trap) an individual between two doors (barriers) so that their credentials can be verified before granting access.

Verification may be manual, with security personnel doing the verification, or automatic, with technology doing the verification. Most systems installed today are automatic with various integrated technologies to enhance security, safety and prevent unauthorized entry.


Security mantraps are commonly found in high-security, mission-critical facilities (e.g., government, military, critical infrastructure), but can also be found in many commercial and industrial facilities (e.g., banking, data centers, pharmaceutical, health care, airports, casinos, executive suites, high-end retail, R&D labs).

Some of the key drivers for using security mantraps include the ability to detect and prevent tailgating and piggybacking incidents in unmanned locations, satisfying various regulatory compliance standards (e.g., GDPR, GLBA, PCI DSS, HIPPA, FISMA, SOX) by restricting access to critical information systems, and protecting against other security threats that have become more prevalent in the world today (e.g., espionage, terrorism, theft, vandalism, protests, etc.).

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