New York lawmakers: Better wages and benefits for security officers at privately-run shelters

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New York City NY July 31 2020 -- City Council members Diana Ayala and Francisco Moya announced legislation Tuesday aiming to provide better wages and training to security officers working at privately run homeless shelters in NYC.

In a meeting chaired by 32BJ—a branch of Service Employees International Union, NYC—Vice President Denis Johnston, the council members shared their proposal to equalize the working conditions and compensation of privately run shelter employees to the level of their city-run counterparts.

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They were joined by two security officers, Eva Conyers, who was recently let go from work at a Manhattan shelter and Charmaine Lathan who continues to work—and reside—in a homeless shelter located on West 29th St. Until recently, Conyers also lived at the shelter where she worked ...

Both reported that even when working full-time and overtime in these privately-run shelters, they became, twistedly, homeless themselves, as their incomes—although slight—nudged them over the threshold for qualifying for government housing assistance programs and healthcare through Medicaid.

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