Police and security need to work together, as law enforcement allies

In Pontiac, Michigan, we have a scenario that seems to play out across the country -- downtown businesses, knowing that police can't be everywhere, all the time, invest money to hire security professionals. The comments deputies make about the security officer being "dressed a little bit too much like us" and "doing more than needs to be done” are weak and smack of insecurity. The security officer needs to present an air of professionalism, otherwise citizens and potential criminals will not respect him, hence the uniform. Making "Security" bigger on the uniform is a good compromise. As far as the security officer showing some natural suspicion, it seems the deputies were a bit quick to find fault. Instead, they should be offering constructive criticism, befitting of a law enforcement ally. It's possible the officer doesn't have as much street experience as the deputies -- help a brother out, show him the ropes.  -- IFPO.

From Privateofficerbreakingnews:

PONTIAC, Mich. November 8 2019 A Pontiac developer has led an effort to put security cameras and a security officer in the downtown area. It is an effort that many say has helped stop crime, leading to new growth. But is it going too far?

Tim Shepard, who owns the Riker Building, has teamed up with other landlords and developers to send the message that Pontiac is safe. They have installed about 160 cameras on buildings and hired a security guard named Brian Carr.

Carr is often seen downtown patrolling. He wears a bullet-proof vest and is fully armed with a gun, taser and more.

“He was just dressed a little bit too much like us,” said Lt. Stephen Dooley of the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office.

Dooley says it has lead to sheriff’s office investigations.

7 Action News obtained dash-cam video of one call after filing a Freedom of Information Act Request. When deputies arrived, you can see Carr standing in a public area staring at a man. He tells deputies the man is suspicious, a business reported he may have a knife wrapped in a handkerchief, and the man refused to stop on the street.

Deputies asked the man if he intends to hurt anyone and he says "no." He also doesn’t have a knife.

“What is the deal with this downtown security guy,” the deputy can be heard saying in the video.

The investigation shifts to Carr.

“Why are we walking all around downtown Pontiac chasing after people,” the deputy asks him.

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Carr says he was just keeping the man in sight, but deputies see problems.

“In the call you say he is not stopping for me, he is trying to dip from me," the deputy is heard saying. "He has every right to."

"I absolutely agree,” responds Carr in the video.

“You are not an officer,” said the deputy in the video.

“You have more equipment on actually than we do," the deputy continues. "For someone that is just business security, it seems you are doing more than needs to be done.”

Carr and the downtown developer who employs him sat down to talk to 7 Action News about the concerns from the sheriff’s office.

“We need people to take him seriously,” said Tim Shepard, which is the reason for the uniform.

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