Security officer saves man from jumping off bridge at LAX

Thanks to a quick-thinking -- and strong -- security officer at LAX, a man was saved from jumping off a 60-foot bridge recently at LAX. Oftentimes, security officers are called to do things that are not necessarily in the job description, but they do so, because of their commitment to the job and to the safety of others. So, props to the unnamed, unsung hero in this video and may the man he saved get the help he needs. -- IFPO.

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LOS ANGELES (KRON) — A security officer at Los Angeles International Airport saved a man who tried to jump off of a 60-foot pedestrian bridge.

And the drama was captured on camera.

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In the video, you can see the man walking down the right side railing.

He checks out the edge and starts to climb over.


The security officer is there in the background.

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He notices what’s going on and runs over in time to pull him back from what would have been a 60-foot fall.

The man was placed on psychiatric hold.

Airport police did not release his name.

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