Security Webinar: Active Shooter Mitigation and Response – Lessons Learned

Active Shooter Mitigation and Response – Lessons Learned, led by the IFPO's Tom Conley

Date: August 28, 2018
Time: 2:00pm EST

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This is not another ordinary active shooter webcast that reiterates the common talking points about material that is already available. Rather, this webcast will contain rich and exclusive content that has been gained as a result of lessons learned from actual responses to threats of violence and acts of violence. Security professional Tom M. Conley, who will be the presenter, has personally responded to more than 300 such incidences and managed more than 700 more over the past 35 years.

Why attend?

Doing so will provide you with information you can use to decrease the chance of an active shooter/active killer event ever occurring. You will also gain valuable knowledge that can help minimize the damage and loss of life should an active shooter/active killer event occur.


This webcast is all about you. Too many times, the content of a webcast contains material the presenter thinks will be most beneficial to the audience. However, the material presented often times falls short of accomplishing that objective. This is why we are approaching this webcast differently. To help ensure that webcast hits the mark, it is the audience that will decide what they want to know and what material would be most beneficial and substantive to them. Thus, we are soliciting information from those individuals who are planning to attend this webcast. Please e-mail your questions or any special topics you want to see covered as a part of this webcast to Please submit your questions or topic requests as soon as possible.

By the end of this 60-minute webcast, attendees will:

  • Asses why employing tangible risk management tools and having the correct security program are both essential factors in developing a systemic security program that really works.
  • Discover how to effectively use presence projection to help deter an active shooter event from ever occurring.
  • Acquire an understanding about why and how to build and maintain strong and vibrant partnerships with public safety, why most attempts at partnership fails and the real-time interdependencies that will be required with public safety responders during an active shooter/active killer event.
  • Gain valuable insight that will help attendees learn how to develop a recovery and sustainability plan that will minimize the emotional impact and damage in the aftermath should any adverse event occur.

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This will be a fast-paced webcast covering a lot of vitally-important material. Therefore, there will not be time for Q & A at the end of this webcast.

About Tom Conley
Tom M. Conley is the President & C.E.O. of The Conley Group, Inc. headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa. The Conley Group provides distinctly superior security services, security patrol services, and alarm response service to their clients. Mr. Conley has earned three university degrees, 14 professional certifications, is an author, and is a longtime member of the ASIS International Law Enforcement Liaison Council.

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