Build the wall? Campus perimeter safety can deter crime

It is an unfortunate fact that today’s world is filled with an excessive level of violence levied against our society; particularly our campuses and businesses. As we look at the various means of minimizing the damage caused by these acts, it’s important to go through a thought process related to available products that can be combined to minimize these events. We also must not only look at what has happened but also what can happen. Additionally, we should be aware of other less violent but equally important potential problems.

If we take a minute to look at NFPA 730, a guide for premises security, we can find guidance from the Concentric Circles of Protection: deter, detect, delay and respond. From this, we can build a comprehensive and layered protection program. The first layer involves the perimeter. In evaluating a campus, it’s critical to begin with a vulnerability assessment, which should begin at the perimeter.

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That being said, a perimeter can be difficult to define. Does it encompass the campus itself, just a building or multiple buildings? Are there multiple perimeters? Since the design of sites is so varied, it is up to the individuals who are responsible to make the determination as to what will work best for their site. In all cases, begin by including the outer reaches of your perimeter. That should include parking lots, athletic fields and any outlying buildings relative to school, university or healthcare facility activities.

Cameras, ALPR, Fences, Gate controls & Emergency Call Systems Help Detect Trouble

Looking at the outer limits or the full property, we will begin with products, technologies and other solutions that can alert the proper authorities at the earliest stages. This then is the “detect” ring in our Concentric Circles. Such detection products include but are not limited to security fences, gate control, emergency call systems, security cameras and advanced license plate recognition (ALPR).

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