So you want to be a security officer? Read this

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 Here's some information from G4S, which calls itself, "the leading U.S. security company," on what expect as far as qualifications for their security officers:

Custom Protection Officer® (CPO)

The men and women in our Custom Protection Officer® program must meet stringent experience requirements and are provided training that goes well beyond industry standards. Each CPO must either be a graduate of an accredited college or university with a degree and concentration in criminal justice, police science, or security administration -- or formerly qualified in one of the following disciplines, including:

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  • Criminal Justice Degree (Associates or higher)
  • Law Enforcement
  • Career Military
  • Military Police
  • Police Academy Graduate
  • Corrections Officer
  • Federal Agency Officer
  • Military Elite Forces

These security officers are the best in the business. Let us show you how a G4S Custom Protection Officer® can add value to your location.

Upscale Security Officer (USO)

The men and women in our Upscale Security Officer (USO) Program possess an associate’s or bachelor’s degree; military, managerial, or security experience; peace officer, park ranger, or auxiliary police cadet experience; or professional work history.

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All Custom Protection Officer® personnel and Upscale Security Officers are required to successfully pass a comprehensive background investigation conducted by the G4S National Research Center. CPO and USO candidates accepted for employment complete an initial 40-hour classroom certification program prior to being assigned to any post.

Let us show you how the G4S Upscale Security Officer Program can offer unmatched options for proven quality and reliability.

Property Resource Officer (PRO)

G4S' Property Resource Officer (PRO) program meets this need with a focus on recruiting experienced, customer-service-oriented professionals to provide security, fire, life, and safety-related services.

Our Property Resource Officers must demonstrate a professional appearance, excellent communication skills, and meet one of the following criteria:

  • Associates degree or higher
  • Experience in high-rise security
  • Military or police experience
  • Customer-service work experience
  • Security experience in a position involving extensive public contact

G4S understands the multifaceted role played by security officers. They must be equal parts protector, ambassador, observer, and enforcer of property rules, with the capacity to effectively interact with your management, employees, visitors, and vendors alike. Our security officers understand this role and are trained to respond effectively and safely to routine and emergency situations.  For our clients, this contributes to total asset conservation as well as property liability reduction. In short, a G4S Security Officer can add value to your business.

What it takes to become a security officer.

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