What the O.J. Simpson case teaches us about hubris in public safety

From Lexipol.com:

Gordon Graham here again and let me get you caught up with where we are in this effort to incorporate “real” risk management into everything that gets done in public safety operations.

I cannot say this often enough: Most of what your people are doing, they are doing right. The combination of good people performing high-frequency tasks is very powerful. They become experts at what they do, and they generally do it efficiently, safely and effectively.

However, occasionally our personnel get in trouble on high-frequency events and when they do, it’s because of one of five “problems lying in wait”:

In past articles I gave you some thoughts on the dangers of complacencyfatigue and distractions. This time, I want to cover hubris.

Hubris. I just looked up the definition in Miriam-Webster and their interpretation of the word is “exaggerated pride or self-confidence.” I have another word for it—cockiness.

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