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A security officer's job can be dangerous at times. First aid training will help in on-the-job emergencies. It is important that security officers have some basic first responder knowledge since they may be the first at the scene. It is important that first responders know their responsibilities to the parties involved in an emergency. This module introduces first responder actions during a medical emergency and presents primary and secondary survey procedures, shock symptoms and treatment, substance abuse awareness, wounds and bleeding, fractures, and heat, cold, and head injuries. Cardiac emergencies and CPR is also introduced.
Each student will receive a Record of Training at the end of these programs. The student may then purchase an IFPO Certificate of Completion for $10.00.

Course Overview

  • First Responders and Patient Assessments
  • Shock and Substance Abuse
  • Wounds, Bleeding, and Head Injuries
  • Fractures and Heat/Cold Injuries
  • Heart Attacks and CPR

First Aid


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