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The functional breadth, future value and return on investment of the security officer (or security professional) which would cover more than just officers if he wants.

This research will investigate the cost efficiency for an organization for the utilization of security officers (or security personnel) by identifying functional breadth and depth, expertise, specialized skills, reduction/elimination of risk, deterrent value of the role as well as profit enhancement to an organization by having this role.  It will identify current but also future scope of the security officer and the integration of this critical role into the corporate mission and goals.

This research will help to showcase and quantify the profit and reputation enhancement that security officers bring and will help to identify and measure the output and outcome of their value.

IFPO Research Project 2020

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IFPO Research Project Advisory Board

Sandi Davies
Executive Director
International Foundation for Protection Officers
Naples, FL.

Charles "CHUCK" Andrews, CPP
Chief Strategic Officer
International Foundation for Protection Officers
Houston, TX

Diane Ritchey
Marketing Director
Kansas City, MO

Dr. Glen Kitteringham CPP
Owner and Principal Consultant
Independent Researcher & Criminologist
The Kitteringham Group
Calgary, Alberta Canada

John M. Garrigan
Senior Vice President of Organizational Development
SecurAmerica, LLC
Atlanta, GA

Linda Florence, Ph.D., CPP
President and Founder,
The Florence Group
Alta Loma, CA

Christine Brooks
Events Manager
Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPAS)
11a High Street, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Karen Bennett
Program Coordinator
International Foundation for Protection Officers
Naples, FL.

Dr Peter Stiernstedt, CPP, CISM
Lecturer in Criminology
University of West London
London, United Kingdom

Mike Hurst CPP
Director - International Foundation for Protection Officers (UK)
Director - HJA Consult Ltd
London, United Kingdom

Mark Porterfield
Chief Security Officer
Security Services ‑ U.S.
St. Louis, MO