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1, 2, 3, 4 and the Application is out the Door

Recertification consists of completing an Application for Recertification, listing professional development, associations, and community involvement. The tabs below explain what is needed to  complete your Application for Recertification.

We recommend that you read each step so that you have an understanding of the complete process.

[tabs tab1='1. Assemble' tab2='2. Compile' tab3='3. Fee' tab4='4. Out the Door']

The first tasks are to become familiar with the Recertification Application Form and to assemble completion certificates and other documentation that you will need to show you meet the recertification standards.

[button link='' value='Open' target='_blank' color='#ffffff' background='#1392d4']the Recertification Application Form

  1. Take a few minutes to review the information that needs to be included with your application.
  2. Know program credit requirements
    • Certified Protection Officers (CPO)  – 10 Credits
    • Certified in Security Supervision and Management (CSSM) – 20 Credits
    • Certified Protection Officer Instructors (CPOI) – 30 Credits
    • Credits must be obtained in two or more categories ( [arrow_link link='#credit' target='_self'])
      • Professional Education
      • Professional Associations and Memberships
      • Professional Contributions
      • Professional Accomplishments and Milestones
  3. Complete the application

[message type='green']Once you have assembled your information, click on the Compile tab. The remainder of this tab provides details on activities which qualify for recertification credit.[/message]

Credit Details

Recertification credit is recognized for the many activities, points shall be assembled in two or more areas.

exchange Professional Education
  • 1 credit
    • < 4 Hours
    • IFPO/HITS Professional Development Program
    • PSTN Program Completion
  • 2 Credits
    • 4-8 Hours
    • CPOI Completion/Award
  • 3 Credits
    • CPO Completion
    • SSMP Completion
    • Credits from undergraduate or graduate schools (3 per academic credit)
  • 4 credits
    • CSSM Completion


presentation-bulletpt Professional Contributions
  • 1 credit
    • Articles, reviews, monographs, etc.
    • Teaching a session at a seminar, college or as a guest speaker for a professional or civic organization. This is generally pro bono but certified  individuals may be compensated for their service. [highlight color='#787878' background='#FFFF99']Instruction at one’s regular place of employment does not count toward re-certification[/highlight].
  • 3 credits
    • Research published or completed (provide a copy)
  • 6 credits
    • Published  Book
contact-bullet-pt Professional Associations and Memberships
  • 1 Credit (Per Year)
    • Committee membership
    • Leadership position
  • 2 Credits (Per Year)
    • Membership in a recognized security, law enforcement, risk management organization
checkmark-bulletpt Professional Accomplishments and Milestones
  • 2 Credits
    • Academic certificates earned from accredited institutions
    • Licenses or governmental certifications
    • Teaching or instructor certifications
  • 3 Credits
    • Degrees earned from accredited institutions
    • Professional certifications
gradcap IFPO Training Partners 
Proof of completion of courses from our training partners can be used to complete recertification credits.



[tab id='compile']
Once you have assembled your recertification documents you are ready to compile the information so that you can submit to the International Foundation for Protection Officers

  1. Fill out and print the Recertification Application Form
  2. Order your certificates in the same order they are listed on the form; this makes the verification process easier.
  3. Confirm each page has your complete name on it.
  4. Sign and date the "Compliance with Accountability Standard" statement
  5. Review the Re-Certification Checklist.

[highlight color='#787878' background='#FFFF99']Remember to keep a personal copy of your recertification application submission.[/highlight]
[message type='green']When you have finished compiling your recertification application, you are ready click on the Fee tab.[/message]

The recertification fee is $25.00. When multiple certifications are renewed together (i.e. CPO and CPOI), the recertification fee is $25.00 for the first certification and $15.00 for each additional certification.

Payment Options

[box style='mail' title='Check/Money Order']
You may include a check or money order with your application.[/box]
[box style='shoppingcart' title='Online Payment']
For added convenience, you may pay online. Just include the order number from your receipt with your application.

[button_big link='/online-recertification-form' target="_blank" style='cart' value='Pay Online' color='' background='']

[message type='green']Once you have determined the fee payment method, you are ready click on the Out the Door tab.[/message]

Mail your recertification application to the International Foundation for Protection Officers.
[box style='mail' title='Postal & Courier (FedEx, UPS, etc) Address'']
International Foundation for Protection Officers
1250 Tamiami Trail
Suite 206
Naples, FL 34102
[highlight color='#787878' background='#FFFF99']Remember to keep a personal copy of your recertification application submission.[/highlight]
[message type='green']Congratulations, you have completed your Application for Recertification.[/message]